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Posted on: 10.09.12
Posted by: GTUK Admin


We are proud at this time in our history to be part of both the Unified International Taekwon -do Federation (UITF) and Taekwon-do International (T I ) This will make certain that our National Squads enjoy an abundance of International Championships at European and World events in the future.......

Both of these international organisations are unique in their structure allowing autonomy to member groups, and are positively a modern approach to the future of Taekwon-do......

Both International bodies are headed by indisputable original pioneering 9th degree Grand Masters Grand Master Hwang Kwang Sung and Grand Master C K Choi. Our association has access to these pioneering legends of Taekwon-do at international instructor courses, seminars, degree certification......

     The association has a vibrant future for all our membership and up and coming  black belts


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