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New Grading Syllabus Announcement

Posted on: 29.01.13
Posted by: GTUK Admin

Announcement! The new Grading Syllabuses & Terminology is now ready for your down loads on our web site. They are standardized for (England only) and include Dragon / Rainbow / Adult syllabuses & terminology.

To down load:

Instructors only; register into web site go to Grading Syllabus & Terminology down load and print all syllabuses for your convenience.

Students only; register into web site go to Grading Syllabus & Terminology, click on your next grade to be taken, print off if need be. Dragon & Rainbow terminology Q & A are included to help these age groups. Terminology will be updated from time to time so always confirm before taking any test.

Examiners now have the new test syllabuses and will implement the new scheme from the first quarter tests 2013. Examiners will also demonstrate the new standardized release holds relating to each grade on the day of the test (Instructors allow time for demonstrations)

The objective of this new scheme is for instructors & examiners to provide more standardization at grading tests which will be more suitable as a “pass mark” Also to provide information relating to the expectations when taking a test at coloured belt level.  

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