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Mr Dirk Sumners message of thanks

Posted on: 26.04.13
Posted by: GTUK Admin

Around 20 years ago I started a new hobby which grew to become one of greatest influences in my life. For years after starting this 'hobby' I searched for a group of like minded people who would welcome me, encourage me and inspire me.


About four years ago I found this group of people and since then I have grown as an individual, martial artist and instructor. I have just finished a weekend, where I argued with, discussed with, celebrated with and encouraged some 400  + "competitor family members' and their supporters. The way things are going we will need a bigger venue next year, and perhaps make it an "open event"


My 'hobby' is now a major driving force in my life and is after all not just a hobby - Taekwon-Do 'A Way Of Life'. My thanks go out to my loyal and dedicated students, the students of GTUK, the Black Belts and Instructors and Senior Instructors, & Grand Master Roy Oldham IX.


A special thank you goes out to Ms Marie McAneny and her Instructors & students of XS Taekwondo Scotland, who hosted this years Scottish Championships and showed all of us such love, respect and hospitality over the weekend. Thank you!


Instructor Dirk Sumners lll

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