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Black Belt Test Report

Posted on: 19.05.13
Posted by: GTUK Admin

Black Belt Promotional Test Reports....

Congratulations to all who participated in these half year black belt promotional tests. Again the organization from all instructors involved was second to none “A big thank you to you all”

The extra large turnout called for an early start and the test was well on its way by 10.00 am starting with pee-wee patterns. There was some great performances of skill throughout the day with a determined effort by all applicants to reach their goals. To those who unfortunately did not quite make their next rank an “encouraging try again” message was expressed from our senior instructors.   

The International test took place the night before, and the instructors applying for these high rank belts were “nervous” to say the least. The test was very tough and covered all aspects of taekwon-do, and lasted over three hours of intense concentration. All applicants had prepared well, and the following results was given out; Mr Steven King promoted to 6th degree, Mr Gary Preece promoted to 4th degree, Mr Darren Twelvetree promoted to 4th degree. 15th June Ms Marie McAneny promoted to 5th degree.

Grand Master Oldham


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