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Success at weekend course

Posted on: 11.11.13
Posted by: GTUK Admin

GT- England kick started the new black belt technical course off with flying colours. GM Oldham presented the in-depth two day course and was assisted by his celebrated senior team. The objective of the course was to standardize the new technical knowledge gained since joining the U-ITF and its founder and president GM Hwang, K.S.

Day one focused on procedural fundamentals, pattern and technical refinements up to Ge-Baek. The first day went well with 61 enthusiastic students in attendance asking many questions and insights on technique.

Day two (2nd - 3rd degree) focused on attitude, and wellbeing of fellow TKD students, and then continued on to set sparring, pattern and technical refinements up to Choi-Yong.  To end the course the long awaited black belt self-defence pattern created by Mr Richard Auciello VI was introduced. It went down a storm and was put together using only taekwon-do techniques; after all it is the Korean Art of Self-Defence we practice....  The pattern also includes defence against knife attack & takedowns. This new pattern will be introduced into the black belt syllabus at a later date once all students practise it. The course ended on a very high note with manuals & certificates presented to those who attended 96 in all. A good start we thought for this new venture. The six junior’s who attended and the students who travelled such long distances just to be there need a special mention. You again show true spirit in helping with the development of what is becoming a great organization. Thank you all who attended and to our senior team who assisted over the two days. We will be introducing more black belt technical courses next year in Scotland and again in England....


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