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25 years Anniversary’

Posted on: 16.03.16
Posted by: GTUK Admin

I was pleasantly surprised when I was told today that the Wellingborough club has been part of our association now for 25 years this month “How time fly’s” I can still remember doing the opening seminar for the club, the hall was packed with students, and the day was very successful.

Mr Steven King 6th degree black belt and Northants senior instructor still runs the club at Weavers Sports Centre and other clubs in the area along with his assistant instructors. He has over the years produced hundreds of black belts with some achieving international status, as been a very loyal senior instructor to our association and for those who know him his character always shines through wherever he goes. He himself has successfully competed at many World and National championships and is someone not to be underestimated, I often watch the way he spars catching opponents out with great timing and accuracy of technique. I want to congratulate him on his many achievements and his continuous help and advise he has given me over the years.

I consider him a true friend…. GMO  

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