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Welcome to Global Taekwon-Do United Kingdom

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When you join the GTUK you are entering a new phase in your life. Taekwon-Do training helps to greatly improve general health, strength, flexibility, control and confidence. Lessons will provide you with sound basic training. The support and camaraderie you can expect to share with senior members will help develop inspirational learning.

We are part of both the Unified International Taekwon-Do Federation (UITF) and Taekwon-Do International (TI). Both International bodies are headed by indisputable original pioneering 9th degree Grand Masters – Grand Master Hwang Kwang Sung and Grand Master C K Choi. Our association has access to these pioneering legends of Taekwon-Do at international instructor courses, seminars and degree certification.

The GTUK welcomes you and wishes you every success in your training and studies of the Korean martial art known as “Taekwon-Do”

Welcome to Global Taekwon-Do United Kingdom


GTUK Demonstration Video

Below is a short video clip in slow motion demonstrating the GTUK Taekwon-Do performing Destruction, Sparring and Patterns.