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GTUK Scottish Seminar 2022

On the 1st of May a coloured belt seminar and a black belt technical course were put on by the GTUK Technical Team in Scotland. The day was filled with great knowledge from the team and eager students ready to learn.

The host instructors Mr Odell and Miss Kelly of Courage Taekwondo organised a great weekend where members of the GTUK as far as Gloucester visited to support and take part.

Students walked away with new information, a certificate and a clear indication that they had worked hard under the great leadership of the team.

Thank you to Courage Taekwon-do (Mr S Odell and Miss K Kelly) for hosting and thank you to Grand Master Oldham, Mr D Holmes, Mr W Dewey and Mrs E Collett for your invaluable advice.

There are many people who made the weekend a success and I want to personally thank you all for making it so memorable.

Miss Ridgard IV – GTUK Redditch

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