On behalf of all competitors and parents who travelled from Scotland to the British Championships held in Ryton on Dunsmore on the 3rd March we would like to express our sincere gratitude for the warm and friendly welcome we received from everyone in the GTUK south of the border.

The organisation of the event was again 1st class and continues to improve in great leaps and bounds under our new senior leadership. Comments were made that this year’s tournament was a breath of fresh air with “genuine” warmth and appreciation for everyone’s efforts, from competitors, officials, and parents support.

The camaraderie among the competitors is testament to the hard work of our new senior executive, to embrace and welcome a new culture within the association, where everyone is made to feel part of the GTUK family. This was evident in the fair and impartial judging that prevailed throughout the tournament.

Further evidence of the growing camaraderie was clearly on show at the after tournament party where the usual copious amounts of alcohol were consumed. South mixed with north, clubs mixed with clubs, Scots mixed with English, Gin mixed with tonic, Vodka mixed with coke, and Sambuca and side- kicks mixed with all of the above. The dance floor was full (always a good sign) that said though let’s hope the DJ brings another CD with him next time in addition to the 80s classics he played all night!

All said and done, from the gold medal winners, to all the competitors who took part, the parents who supported the students and the tournament, to the officials and senior executives who organised the event, to Master Oldham who grows in stature every time we see him (so noticeable now how much happier he looks than he has in years gone by) It would be fair to say that the real winner at this year’s British Champs was our GTUK family.

Speaking on behalf of everyone from Scotland, the weekend was an outstanding example of comradeship and the tenets of taekwondo. Once again a huge thank you to all those involved and we look forward to seeing you all again in Scotland on the 21st April.

Alan Fraser