GTUK Distance Training Schedule from Monday 27th July 2020

Keep calm and keep training.

You might note a couple of differences this week – please be assured we are doing everything behind the scenes to keep sessions running as smoothly as possible.

There will be no international degree training this week due to the instructor and assistant meeting.

A couple sessions are TBC – The sessions will go ahead either as a rerun or as a taught session depending on instructor availabilty.

Sunday session with Mr & Mrs C this week will be a rerun as we unfortunately aren’t available.

* NOTE * these sessions are now being run simultaneously in a Zoom Meeting,
anyone wishing to take part will need the following: the links to meeting ID’s
and a password.

Stay Positive, Stay Safe and do TaeKwon-do!

Join the group to watch live or later.

Syllabus PDF files are linked below*:

*Note: some tutorial pdfs are secured by GTUK student password,
email [email protected] if you haven’t got it!

from GTUK distance training tutorials.