GTUK Distance tutorial Dan Gun

See the recorded video here:

Master Auciello Dan Gun Tutorial



Dan gun
Miss Amy Ridgard performing Dan Gun:


Tonight’s 6.30pm GTUK students forum session covers the pattern Dan Gun which is performed at yellow belt to green tag.

‘Many of you were about to grade with the pattern Dan Gun before the closure, so It’s a great tutorial to be involved in.’


Please follow the link and ask to join the group to watch the tutorials live or later.



Parents/carers of all ages can join in on all the tutorials, help your children keep their Taekwondo up to scratch for when we get back in the dojangs.

If you are a lower belt, watch and have a go anyway, it won’t be long before you progress to it once we do get back in the dojangs.

It’s a lovely pattern and all higher grades can always improve their techniques and sinewave. Let it flow with power and accuracy.


The GTUK web site is building a resource of all the live feeds that you can watch anytime!


Stay Safe and do Taekwon-do!

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Syllabus PDF files are linked below:

Step by Step Dan-Gun

Note: some pdfs are secured by GTUK student password,
email [email protected] if you haven’t got it!


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