open itf taekwondo

OPEN ITF group launched

Formed by the members for the members.

March 1st 2019 100th Anniversary of Sam-il day

The GTUK are proud founder members of this exciting new ITF group

100th Anniversary of Sam-il day, Korean Independence Day is also the launch of the Open ITF, this independent administration has been formed by members for the members. No politics, no egos, no expensive registration fees.

TaeKwon-Do was left for us all to enjoy together! Have your independence, but be part of something special.

FREE Membership is open to all Groups, Federations, Associations, Schools and Instructors. All benefits apply to affiliated Members only. Individual School/Instructor memberships does not apply if your existing organisation is a member group or if you were a member of an existing group.

OPEN ITF membership benefits provide:

Economical Degree Certification issued by Grandmasters

Grand Masters and Masters Training Seminars

International OPEN ITF Championships

Open ITF on Facebook

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