Please note change of Black Belt Test date. This change has been beyond our control. The pre- Technical Course scheduled for the (15thOctober) has now been cancelled, so all applicants without a technical course certificate can still take the test on the 1st of October 2022. 

Date: Saturday 1st October 2022 – 9.30am registration

Venue: Sports Connexion, Leamington Road, Ryton on Dunsmore, Coventry. CV8 3Fl – tel:02476306155


This years International test for 4th degree and above will be held immediately following our National test on Saturday 1st October 2022. All applicants please email the administration your request to take the test. The appropriate forms will be sent to test applicants. Please email the administration well in advance to save any disappointment on the day. International test applicants must photocopy their International Tech Course certificate & insurance licence card and attach it to their black belt application form “A1”

An Instructors AGM meeting will follow all Black Belt tests. Please send in any item you wish to be put on the General Meeting agenda to the administration well in advance.


INSTRUCTORS INFORMATION: All appropriate application forms must be with the administration by (Wednesday 28th September2022) in advance of the test date for approval. After this deadline date applications will be rejected. This is to ensure certificates can be presented on the day.

Make certain you tick √ appropriate box on application form A’ if applicant was absent or failed previous test.

Over 17yrs & Junior 13 yrs and above *Photo copies* Umpire Course Certs / Seminar Certs / Jee-Goo attendance cards / Squad letters must be attached to black belt application form “A”

INSTRUCTORS: Make sure that all applicants photocopy their insurance licence card and attach it to their black belt application form “A” Applicants will not be taking the test without this proof of insurance. Also (tick box) “absent at last test” or “retest” at the bottom of application form “A” if this is relevant.

Application: for Pee-Wee 1st & 2nd degree test fill in form A’ only.

Application: for Pee-Wee & Junior Star Test’s fill in form A’ only. Pee-Wee & Junior star test’s take place each year that follows either a 1st or 2nd degree test. Full details on star tests have been previously sent to all instructors

Application: for Junior & Adult 1st degree test fill in forms A & B – Bring thesis on the day…

Application: for Adult 2nd & 3rd degree test fill in forms A / C. Form C’ must fill (points) criteria to take test

Application: for Adult half – degree tests fill in forms A & C. Form C’ need not fill (points) criteria to take test


Presented on the day

An association embroidered black belt plus lapel pin will be presented on the day to all successful 1st degree applicants jointly with their National Black Belt Certificate.

Junior & Adult full test only successful applicants will be presented their International Black Belt Certificate on the day.


Payments on the day

All applicants please bring correct fee in an envelope. Club & Name written on envelope.

Junior & Adult test fees below include the International Black Belt Certificate payment

National Certificate: Under 12 years old (Pee-Wee) for 1st degree – £55.00

International & National Certificate: 12 to 17 years (Junior) for 1st degree – £75.00

International & National Certificate: Over 17 years old for 1st degree – £85.00

Star Certification: Up to 17 years – £35.00 part payment towards application for 2nd or 3rd degree

Pee-Wee & Junior payment adjustments to be made up or down on the day of payment

Adult 1/half – £75.00 – first payment

International & National Certificate: for Adult 2nd degree – £85.00

International & National Certificate: for Junior 2nd degree – £45.00

Junior payment adjustments to be made up or down on the day of payment

Adult 2/half – £88.00 – first payment

International & National Certificate: for 3rd degree – £88.00

Adult 3/half – £105 – first payment

First re-test through failure is “free of charge” Second re-test through failure “half of original fee”

Instructors please ensure that all your black tags and black belts enter these grading tests and you represent your students on the day or appoint your assistant instructor to be resent.

Ensure your students fulfill all  requirements above for this grading examination to save any disappointments. Instructors thank you, and good luck to your students on the day…