Courage TaeKwondo

Successful Open ITF Seminar: GTUK, Courage TaeKwondo, GTScotland!

Hosted by Courage TaeKwondo Scotland

Scottish Taekwondo Seminar

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It is truly wonderful to see many different ages, grades, clubs, backgrounds at the Open Seminar here today for Courage TaeKwondo and GTScotland!

Grand Master Oldham opened the seminar;

“We are so very pleased to be here today to conduct this seminar. This is a new start for Mr Odell, that I am determined to help him make successful.

TaeKwon-Do shows us, is it is very important to treat people with respect and courtesy; however you must all remember you have to earn respect, and work hard for it. On that note, I want to congratulate Mr Odell and family for their hard work getting here today, and look forward to the future.”

A presentation was then made to Wilma Odell in recognition of her selfless contribution to TaeKwon Do for over 20 years. She is now an honorary Black belt of the GTUK.

Courtesy – Mrs Jo Auciello


Courage TaeKwondo

Courage TaeKwondo

GTUK Grandmaster Roy Oldham with Wilma Odell, and Master Richard Auciello