On the 17 – 18th of March the association held its six monthly instructor workshop courses. The first workshop on the Saturday concentrated on standardizing technique for the attendees present.

All organizations throughout the world have “their own” variation now on ITF style taekwondo, so it is important to us that our instructors all teach our variation on taekwondo technique.

Master Oldham was assisted by Mr Darren Holmes who just seems to get better and better from his experiences and knowledge picked up through his many trips abroad. This course has improved immensely over the past year with the introduction of Mr Holmes, the presentation, and demonstration of technique is now second to none. Many queries were answered to enthusiastic students many whom will be taking their 1st degree tests this year. Every technique was analysed in great detail and the day seemed to fly-by to the disappointment of all attending. The updated manuals and certificates were presented, and a happy group of future black belts left for home to prepare for the next day.

Sunday morning saw the introduction of the new child protection safeguard procedures put in place by the British Taekwondo Council. Before proceedings started Mr Darren Twelvetree was presented with his BTC Verifiers Certificate for attending a special course held by the BTC allowing him now to be an assessor for the association. Darren has improved our child protection / health and safety courses to a new level, his presentation is professional and interesting and many questions were asked by all present. Over forty instructors from GT-England received their new BTC / UK Sport qualification diploma’s, a move the government is now introducing to all governing bodies. It was announced to all instructors present that Mr Steven King has now been appointed to the position of chairperson to the new Ethics and Discipline Board. We all wish him the best and thank him for excepting his new role.

The afternoon course workshop 2 “Instruction” has now changed completely with new candidates learning the skills on how to teach. Master Oldham’s experience in this field was evident, providing quick ways to develop students in a busy club environment. Many of his instructors of the past still use his ways of instruction which have proved to work. The first part demonstration of a technique included – introduction of a technique to be taught- explanation (key points) – summary – manner. The second part drill & pattern work included – activity – competence – use of voice. All attended this course in their doboks and were subjected to a coaching assessment test. The course proved to be very successful and was conducted in an enjoyable light hearted manner. The day finished with the results of the assessment test, and all candidates achieved above average marks. Well done!

The professional image and leadership by our “new senior instructor team & marketing officer” over the last twelve months has been a breath of fresh air, something that has been long overdue.

Thank you from all our membership…