Saturday October 23rd 2021 – 9.30am prompt start (one day only)

(National Technical Course’s now open to 2nd kup’s)

VENUE – Sports Connexion, Leamington Road, Ryton on Dunsmore, Coventry, CV8 3Fl
Close to the A45 south of the city

All Adult + *Junior 13 – 16 year old black belt applicants must attend a national technical course in the same year they are to be tested for their next promotional rank.

NOTE: Only on a full test do Junior 13 – 16 year olds need to attend. Verification by attaching a photo copy (national technical course certificate) to the black belt application form A’ must apply. There will be an option of two national technical courses a year to attend, in which any 2nd kup and above not taking a test that particular year can also attend through “popular demand”

Download relevant Tech Forms from GTUK web site…instructors-forms

Workshop (1& 2) Courses – Saturday October 23rd 2021
9.30am register prompt (dobok all day)

Workshop (1) course Adult 2nd – 1st Kup

Workshop (1) course Junior 13 – 16 year olds 2nd – 1st Kup

Workshop (2) course Adult 1st – 1½  / 2nd – 2½ – 3rd deg

Workshop (2) course Junior 13 – 16 year olds
1st – 2nd deg / 2nd deg star 2 going for 3rd deg adult test

10.00 am / 12.30pm – Morning class Part 1 – Correct Acknowledgement Procedures / Scientific Fundamentals / Sparring Fundamentals “3, 2, 1, Semi-Free, Foot, Model, Self-Defence

1.00 pm / 5.00pm – Afternoon class Part 2 – Pattern Fundamentals (up to Cho-Yong)

All Adult 1st kups must attend workshop (1) course

All Adult black belts taking half & full tests must attend workshop (2) course

All Junior 13 – 16 year olds taking a full test must attend workshop (2) course

Junior technical knowledge is our future, and there is a need to update them on the latest technical developments.

Note; Junior 1st kup students who have attended these courses in the past have vastly improved on their preparation for 1st degree black belt promotional tests. Instructors please encourage your junior 2nd & 1st kups to attend.

An official technical course certificate will be presented on the day of the course, along with course manuals.  The purpose of these courses is to standardize all black belt knowledge, especially in patterns & pre-arrange sparring. Black belt students can attend these courses “regardless” of their taking a promotional test, to increase their knowledge base. The course manuals will include terminology Questions & Answers established at our black belt national tests. Reminder: Attach photo copy of national tech course cert to form A, when applying for black belt test.

National Technical Course fees:

All Adult – £35.00

All Junior – £25.00

The courses will be conducted by GM Oldham IX deg, Mr Darren Holmes, Mr Andy Holmes, international black belts.

Clean dobok please / Pen & Note Pad…..

International Taekwon -do Federation