Find a Club | Existing Instructors & Black Belts Welcome

New students can find a GTUK Club by contacting
the GTUK Head Office on

01926 863111


The GTUK has a large number of clubs located all over the UK.

If you are interested in attending a taster session ask about a free trial lesson.

If you are an existing Instructor or a Black Belt wishing to join then please email us:

[email protected]

Are YOU an existing Instructor or Black Belt who is slowly losing heart with the progress your group is achieving?

Getting tired of all that political bickering?

Do you want the chance to help build a better direction for you and your members, and have a say in one of the strongest organised Taekwon-Do Associations in the UK?

Take part in a national group that is run by all its voting instructors, with no interference in your operational area?

Acquire help if need be to expand your already existing club(s) to levels you can only dream of?

To be part of this contemporary forward thinking politically free organization, then please read on…


We are constantly working hard to ensure that our membership is receiving the best possible standards, qualifications and gratification in all aspects of Taekwon-Do. Our network of Jee-Goo (Black Belt Training Centres) are close at hand for your convenience to ensure that when promoted to degree level you can hold your standards and keep up with the latest technical developments. Our Association is proud to be a member of the British Taekwon-Do Council, recognised by the Sports Council as the governing body for Taekwon-Do in the United Kingdom. Grants are available to all our clubs through being a full member of the BTC. Third Party / Indemnity Insurance and CRB’S are also obtained through being a member of the BTC.

We compete in International and World (ITF & Independent) Championships yearly, with funding raised from within the Association. There are British, National and University Championships every year, with six monthly umpire courses conducted at the highest level with manuals and certification presented on the day.

We hold regular seminars nationally and at club level. Seminars in the past have included Taekwon-Do Pioneer’s such as First Grand Master Rhee, Grand Master Kong Young II, Grand Master Park Jung Tae, Grand Master Choi Jung Hwa.

Our technical and instructor courses are unique, with manuals and certification presented on the day. Black Belt promotion certification, association lapel pins, and embroidered black belts are also presented on the day of the test, and are incorporated in the test fee. Our promotional test fees are probably the most competitive in the UK. Our examiners board range from 4th – 8th Degree and all certified ITF Internationals. Kup promotional tests are conducted at club level unless otherwise requested.


Upon joining all established grades are acknowledged, dobok change over not required, no joining fee. Confidentiality Observed. 

The GTUK welcomes applications from potential fellow instructors to share in this uniquely structured organisation.  When we make a promise we fulfill it” 

Contact us by phone or email:

01926 863111 

[email protected]