Ladies day – success!

Over 20 female students from varying clubs across the GTUK got together on Saturday 24th Feb 2024 for an interactive training session run by motivational 5th Degrees Amy Ridgard, Jane Aikman & Emma Price who shared their knowledge and experience throughout the 5 hour training session. 

The session began with us all replacing our traditional grade belts with pink belts in order to show camaraderie with each other that our goal for the day was unification. In addition, all members received wristbands containing words of affirmation written by others in attendance.  

After an exciting warm up the morning session focused on step sparring, including engaging ways to do 1 step sparring, and then self defence techniques based on realistic scenarios posed by both instructors and students. We then continued on to sparring techniques and sharing tips on improving sparring confidence. 

After a social lunch break training continued with some inspection of pattern techniques and then dividing into smaller groups to practice performing a team pattern – something some of the ladies present had been selected to do for the GTUK at the upcoming Tul Fest competition. 

The ladies showed great spirit and team work to perform their creations for the whole group before we divided into groups to focus on destruction and special techniques where the ladies found the guidance given helpful to improve their confidence in the required techniques for competition and grading syllabus. 

To finish the day the group came back together to for a short Q&A for each other and the instructors, looking to draw inspiration and encouragement from each other. 

It is safe to say that a lot of fun was had, a lot of laughs were shared and a lot of friendships have been formed from the GTUK ladies day. There will most definitely be another in 2025!