TUL Fest 2024

78 students from across the GTUK met on Sunday 25th Feb 2023 at North Solihull sports centre to compete in Tul Fest. 

The competition focused on patterns, with competitors competing in a league system against all others in their category. For black belt there was an additional challenge to, of having to perform a completely different pattern every single round. There were also the additional events of team patterns, as well as special techniques for the juniors and destruction for adults. All in all this made for a very enjoyable and interesting competition. 

The day started with the black belts, stepping out for the GTUK and to inspire our other competitors and very quickly from the very first category the medals came pouring in, so much so it was hard to keep track on the day!

We can proudly reveal that across all categories we achieved an amazing 68 medals!

14 gold

21 silver

33 bronze

The students from the GTUK performed exceptionally well throughout the day and represented the association exceptionally well. 

A massive thank you should also be extended to Master King, Mr Booth, Mr Wishart, Mr Worsley, Mrs King, Mr Fagan & Mr Davies for their tireless efforts judging at the event. Your standards and professionalism was evident and you did the GTUK proud!