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Events 2021

* International Events will be added (invites)

GTUK Technical Training Session
Saturday 24th April 2021

SPORTS CONNEXION Ryton on Dunsmore Coventry CV8 3FL

A full list of events will be posted once we can get back in the Dojangs


Black / Red Belts – National Umpire Courses will now be conducted in conjunction with squad sessions 

A National Umpire certificate will be presented on the day                                         

There is a possibility that we will be invited to further National & International championships throughout the year from other groups. Please ensure you contact your national coaches for authorization before entering, a matter of courtesy… 

Because of the Easter Holiday date change every year some dates will differ from last year’s event planner. We will always’ endeavor to do our utmost to spread events where possible.  WE ARE A VERY EVENTFUL ASSOCIATION!