safety first

Distance Training Safety First!

Please read the safety advice and ensure you follow the instructions below for your own safety and well being:

• Please ensure you have plenty of room to train, and have removed any dangerous objects, be mindful of smaller spaces and different floors.

• Warm up/cool down. It is sensible to perform a warm up and cool down exercise before/after each session.

• Ensure you have access to plenty of water, and do not exercise after eating a heavy meal.

• Do not exercise if you are ill, or have an injury.

• Adult supervision is required for all children taking part.

• You know you own body, and we cannot see you to adapt exercises or offer advice. Please use caution and common sense when exercising and stop, or take a break if anything hurts or when necessary to avoid injury.

The GTUK and it’s instructors accept no responsibility for your training area, and any injuries caused as a result of our safety advice not being taken.

Stay Safe and do Taekwon-do!