open itf 2019

Hello all GTUK instructors.

Please send my thanks and appreciation to all of your black belts and students that helped and competed. I hope they were successful, but above all enjoyed the experience.

To the hall set crew, door management, umpires, officials, welfare officers and first aid crew we can only say how proud I and Master A’ are of you all. Your input on the day was phenomenal to make these championships a true milestone in the development of the Open ITF organisation.

I personally was so proud to act as your GM as congratulations were given to me by other group senior instructors on how well the championships were run and organised.

The GTUK is truly a great organisation, different by the fact that its members and instructors abide truthfully to the tenants of Taekwon-do and the warmth you show to other Taekwon-do groups.

Our heart felt thanks to you all, we hope you all arrived home safely.

GTUK Grandmaster Oldham 

11.05.19 | Open ITF International Championships | View Results

A few photos gathered from social media from the day: