Attention; Instructors and Black Belts

GTUK Promotional Board 2019 International Test:

Date: Friday the 25th of October 2019.

All candidates to be ready and in rows by 6.00 pm sharp.

Venue: Sky Connection (Warwick Suite) Leamington Road,
Ryton on Dunsmore, Coventry, CV8 3Fl
Tel: 02476306155

International Test


Minimum Time: Candidates can if they feel “proficient enough” take an international test at the minimum time period. But they must be honest with themselves when applying as this level of promotion can be hard to achieve.

If unsuccessful at the test a candidate will be asked to re-apply (more time needed)

Minimum time periods for black belt tests relating to the above are: 

1st degree to 2nd degree (two years) 2nd degree to 3rd degree (three years) 3rd degree to 4th degree (four years)

4th degree to 5th degree (five years) 5th degree to 6th degree (six years) To take a 4th degree test the applicant must be  22 years of age & above.

These time periods were first set by FGM Rhee Ki Ha father of TKD in the United Kingdom. Taking test’s prior to these time periods is not recognised by the association or the above Grand Master. 

Candidates must in every aspect run their own club/s, whether it is the launch of a new club or fully taking over an existing club.

(Exceptional Circumstances) A candidate who does not run a club and has been an official working officer for the association over the last seven years can apply to the Promotional Board via (email in advance) for consideration.

Special consideration bestowed for their time, input, and dedication towards the running of the association. A candidate’s final approval will be at a General Meeting by a show of hands by all instructors present.

International 4th degree test applicants must complete a written thesis on any taekwondo topic (8 pages only)

Please note that an International Test is a level above a normal National Black Belt Test and should be seriously considered before applying.  Maturity, Preparation, Attitude, and the Physical aspects are a big factor when taking the test.

The only deliberation the Promotional Board will take on the day of the test is the age of the applicant.

On the day of the test? Full Safety Gear / Clean Dobok.  Wood will be supplied…


What to do next?

Please find links below to: Application Forms / Examiners Form / and information.

All application & examiners forms must be filled in (by computer) signed by your original instructor or area Jee-Goo instructor.

Print off and send all application form requirements into the administration office by the 1st of October 2019.

Sending in applications before this deadline date would help greatly with the administration.

Scan all your previous degree certification and send via email to r[email protected].                                             

Written thesis for (4th degree only) bring on the day.

The results of the test will be announced on the 26th of October 2019 at the Nation black belt test the following day. Official dress code on presentations please. Prepare well…..

The Promotional Board


Download links to Word documents: