Learning Taekwon-do

Learning Taekwon-do with the GTUK

Covid-19 has not stopped us from learning, practicing & teaching our Taekwon-do.

It had just hit the pause button.

Well now is the time to start moving forward again, encouraging new people to come and learn what Taekwon-do is truly about.

However, before we do, let’s remember those who have been with us before, of what they achieved, and invite them back to renew their journey with us…

… and not just the black belts, the tournament champions, but the hundreds if students who did not achieve the glories of medals, those that more humbly, and personally, achieved ‘just’ their next colour belt.

So going forward again, let’s continue to make sure that no matter where and when students stop training, they all remember their time learning the martial art of Taekwon-do with us.


Post by Mr & Mrs Bedingfield
GTUK instructors @ iceniTKD.uk