Squad Training Session 27 March 2011

It was really good to see the fantastic turnout at the first session at Loughborough University; a really good mix of peewees, juniors and senior groups.

The coaching team would like to thank all students and of course any parents who travelled, some for many hours to attend the session.

This training was really a getting to know you session, and see what level students already had achieved and the 2 hours seemed to fly past! We have therefore made a decision to extend future training sessions to 3 hours, so as we can cover all aspects of competitions; patterns, special technique as well as sparring in each session!

We were very pleased that our preconceptions were confirmed; we have a great deal of talent in our association, and some fantastic foundations on which to build International competitors. The level of effort, perseverance and fitness was sound and some great team spirit was shown, particularly shown by some of the peewees shouting on their fellow squad members during the bouts of sparring.

Our aim is to have a squad that give everyone not only the opportunity to train together and become champions but to also make new friends and have fun and become one big team together. We sincerely hope everyone who attended enjoyed the session and look forward to seeing you at the next one.

Check out the photos from the training session on our facebook site!